Frequently Asked Questions

All these questions are for inquiries related to cosplay (Last updated December 2017)

How do I get in your videos?

I generally approach cosplayers first, If we are in a public convention, the highest chance for me to approach you is: (1) If you’re alone at the moment and there’s no other photographers around. (2) Your cosplay is colorful and eye-catching. (3) I have a tendency to favor mechs and couples doing group cosplay (4) but it really depends on what kind of video I am making for that convention, although 90% my plan go to scrap and I have to do impromptu visualization of the video I want to create. If we are in a private shoot, it’s my habit to film all of cosplayers although I never succeeded on filming all of them in the past lol.

Can you film me?

I don’t take requests, sorry! It’s pretty difficult to try to set up filming with people in advance, especially at a busy convention, so most of my filming is spur of the moment. Although I accept invites on group cosplay photo-shoots, just not 1 on 1.

Can I pay you to film me?

I don’t accept money for my cosplay video work, sorry. But! I accept money for other work though, like: developing an android app, website and other videography tasks not related to cosplay.

What camera/stabilizer/etc. do you use?

My one and only setup is a Canon 550D with its kit lens (18-55mm with IS) and a Flycam jr. For 360 videos, I use LG 360 Cam.

You filmed me, but I didn’t see the footage being used; why is that?

When footage from a convention doesn’t make it into the fanvideos or the compilation videos, there can be several reasons for this. It may not work with the music, it may not flow right, or it may not have turned out in the first place; however, I do thank you for taking the time to help me with my video project. Currently only about 30% of everything I shoot makes it into the final video.

Can I have the original footage you took of me?

Yes, I started uploading original video footage since June 2017 and sending it to all cosplayers if it is a private shoot, and to organizers if it is a public convention.

Why do you shoot the same people over and over?

I won’t always seek out new cosplayers to shoot at conventions; when I use the same people, they are usually reliable backups in case other footage doesn’t work out. Cosplayers who have worked with me in the past know how I work, so it makes it a lot easier for me to achieve the film results I am looking for.

Why is it mostly girls in your videos?

There’s a very simple reason for this: the majority of cosplayers are female.

Can I hire you to film for my company?

Yes. please 🙂

Do you get paid to go to conventions/do you work in the video or film industry?

No, it’s just a hobby.

Do you post your videos on any sites other than Youtube or under any different names?

Yes, on facebook as video. on deviantart as GIF. All under the name of “”

How do you get away with using music you don’t own on youtube?

That’s a really good question and this is a really sensitive subject matter. To start, I don’t own the music and I must respect the rights of the artist and record label. To my knowledge, ads run on the videos which generates advertisement income. That money is then split between youtube and the record label/artist. A few of my videos have been muted or deleted by the record label on Youtube. Unfortunately I have no control over it and since the audio rights does belong to them, it is at their discretion and they are free to do as they please (audio mute). I try to credit the artist as much as possible with a dedicated credit at the end of the video as well as in the description. I also include a link to the artist’s website where they can support the artist if they like them!

I spoke you at ______ and we had a quick chat but during ______ you walked right by me not even acknowledging me. Ouch! Did I say something to offend you the previous time?

I’m terribly sorry, I have a really poor memory and eyesight. There is so much going on all the time and because of the numerous of conventions I am attending and people I meet, it is really hard for me to remember everyone.

What is your favourite fanvideo?

Its really a tossup between these below. They’re all very nostalgic.

How long does it take for you to edit a video?

I spend somewhere between 6-9 hours editing each video, depending on the duration and complexity (not including rendering time + upload).

What program do you use to edit your videos with?

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, transitioning to CC 2017.