EQ Alert & Calendar

ARKS Layer’s Desktop EQ Notification System

Introducing the Desktop EQ Notification System! Based on feedback here (http://www.pso-world.com/forums/showthread.php?t=208193), you simply select your ship, and let it sit. It’ll display a new icon in your tray, you can right click it for options.

Once an EQ is detected, it will pop up a screen like this:


  • Choose which ship to listen for
  • Choose any WAV file to play when an EQ is announced
  • Start with Windows
  • Up to three hours warning for scheduled EQs
  • One hour warning for non-scheduled (random) EQs
  • A further warning 15 minutes before the EQ starts
  • Quiet hours to disable notifications during this time-frame
  • Multi-monitor and corner position support
  • Launching the game when the notification is clicked


  • AIDA – For the original application
  • Gama – For the skin the application uses
  • Tyreek – For all the EQ icons
  • Kyle873 – For initial testing



Phantasy Star Fleet Discord Announcement Channel

A bot that posts the upcoming random and scheduled Emergency Quests. Looks like this:


  • Announces upcoming EQs
  • All ships are monitored simultaneously
  • Posts latest PSO2 Reddit/PSUBlog content


  • ACF – Pso2 EQ API

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ARKS Ship EQ Alert data from ACF and ARKS FLEET EQ data from PSUBlog calendars.